Eating out, but Staying Healthy!


When a lot of us eat out, we tend to throw our healthy cares to the wind and indulge in not so great choices. I’m talking about deep-fried options, when we could actually be making better dining choices that add nutritional benefits to our diet.

For instance, if your restaurant has the option, add some raw veggie slices, or opt for steamed veggies.  Both are low in calories and add extra fibre which is great for your digestive system.

Or, ask for a side house salad with dressing on the side so you can control the amount you place on your salad.

As for portion sizes, look at getting a half order and ordering more if needed, and look at menu choices that offer lower sodium levels.  Saturated fat can be another hidden issue, yet if you keep your menu choices to fresh, and simple ingredient-filled menu items, you are less likely to have saturated fat in your meal choice.

What about drinks when dining-out?

Opt for water and avoid sweet soda drinks, or other higher calorie drinks.  It is quite simple: have water before you eat your meal, as it’ll curb your appetite.  That old saying of, “you may be more thirsty than hungry” has a lot of truth to it!

Other quick dining tips?

Think about sharing a few menu items; a salad and a main dish or even just a healthier appetizer is great, or a few healthy side dishes. And, avoid that buffet, unless you are only going to have plate that isn’t loaded to the brim with food.  Buffets can really add to the idea that we need to pack ourselves full of food: plates and plates of food.  That overly full feeling isn’t great, nor is it good to over-eat.

Lastly, choose your restaurant wisely. If it isn’t clean, and the hygiene isn’t there…

No matter how tasty the food is, it can possibly make you really sick if people don’t take care of the restaurant environment and kitchen area, plus practice good hand washing etc.

So can you eat out and still be healthy: Yes!

Just follow these tips above and have a great meal.