Why All Food Businesses Need a Healthy Menu?


We have just started to reach out to all kinds of different Food Businesses (Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Juiceries, Caterers, Golf Course Restaurants, Retirement Homes, Food Trucks to name a few…) to get them up on our newly relaunched website(s) by way of a Healthy Menu Showcase and to be a part of Healthy Dine Out’s Growing Food Community.

And, things are going great! We are very excited for Food Businesses of all sorts to join our web platform! That being said, how can a food business benefit from sharing their healthiest menu items?

No Food Business will ever choose to share a Healthy Menu if there isn’t an upside, right?!

Here are our thoughts on “WHY” Food businesses can benefit from taking the time to post a Healthy Menu Showcase on Healthy Dine Out:

  1. The public can easily find your healthiest menu items when you share a healthy menu on Healthy Dine Out. It saves time for your customer when dining at your location too, which means that customer will know what they want without sifting through other menu items. There is a possibility of freeing up more dining space sooner because people are prepared when arriving at your location!
  2. Having a Healthy Menu with a simple ingredients list creates more food transparency and trust between your business and your client. People want to know what’s in their menu item, and many people these days with eating restrictions can feel better informed, and enjoy their dining experience.
  3. People who want to eat clean, or even on a specific diet can look at your items and make informed decisions right away. They also don’t need to be tempted by deep fried items when they view your Healthy Menu.
  4. The majority of Food Businesses have healthier menu items to offer the public… A lot of these businesses just haven’t had a place to share them without creating more menu brochures. We offer a Free membership with no catches where such Food Businesses have an opportunity to promote their healthiest menu items.
  5. The public needs your Healthy menu! People love the idea of a one stop place to find healthy menu items, and we offer that to them! There is a need for your business to share its healthiest menu items as we have a growing audience that wants such a service!
  6. Healthy Food is all the rage! Yes, there is a growing healthy movement where people want to be healthier, exercise more, and live a cleaner life.  Sharing a healthy menu helps people out, and supports their healthy food decisions.
  7. It is positive marketing for a Food Business. We have taken almost 1 year to create our new web platform with 2 websites enjoined: Our main Food Community Website and our Food Businesses Directory Website. We wanted to create a Food Community around healthy eating, and have the public connected to Food Businesses Healthy Menus…  A win-win idea we think! Our Healthy Menu Showcases are beautiful when filled out and easy to use and edit when needed. It takes no time to share your healthy menu items on our website!
  8. We’d love to get your Healthy Menu on Pinterest where a huge healthy following exists. We love sharing our web platform content, and your Food business is sure to benefit! We also share content to our growing Twitter, and Instagram Accounts. We are @healthydineout on these social platforms.
  9. Our business is based on positive social change, and we want you to be a part of it! As mentioned, it is Free to have a Healthy Menu Showcase! You can register your Food Business here: Click here.
  10. We love helping Food Businesses get their content out to our growing audience! If you’d like to have a guest article, please reach out to us on any of our social media platforms! We have 2 different blogs…

If you have come to our website and own, or manage a Food Business,  please consider a Healthy Menu on our new Healthy Dine Out Web Platform.  We’d love for you you join our growing Food Community!  We promise you won’t be disappointed, and that the upsides of sharing healthy menu items are there for your business… And, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with your Menu Showcase.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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